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Chamber music      |      Orchestra / Ensemble   
Vocal      |      Opera / Music Theatre      |      Oratorio




Symphony No 1 "Tanglewood Tales" (2007-2014)
For large orchestra

Symphony No 2 "Two worlds colliding" (2010)
For saxophone quartet solo and orchestra

Symphony No 3 "Illumination...Eclipse" (2014-2015)
For large orchestra

Symphony No 4 "Melodies unheard" (2006, ad. 2017)
For soprano or mezzo-soprano and orchestra


Violin Concerto (2008)
For violin solo and orchestra

Percussion Concerto (2013)
For percussion soloist and ensemble

Cello Concerto (2010-2013)
or Cello solo and Orchestra

Clarinet Concerto (2006)
For clarinet solo and chamber orchestra

Piano Concerto (2002)
For piano solo and chamber orchestra

Concerto for Orchestra (2002)
For large orchestra

Double Concerto (1997)
For clarinet solo, bass clarinet solo and orchestra

Flute Concerto (1996)
For flute solo and ensemble

OTHER ORCHESTRAL WORKS (Instrumental and Vocal):

Voyages (2017)
For high soprano, alto, counter-tenor (or mezzo-soprano) and ensemble

Atlantis (2016)
Oratorio for soprano, baritone, 2 harps solo, large mixed choir and large orchestra

Voyages I, III & V (2017)
For Mezzo-soprano (or counter tenor), clarinet, horn, cello, percussion (one player) & piano

Voyages II, IV & VI (2017)
For high soprano, alto, counter-tenor (or mezzo-soprano), fl (+picc, alto, en bfl), cl, cbcl, hrn, trb, perc, piano, vl, vl, vla, vla, vlc, vlc, cb

Carmina Chromatico (2015)
For ensemble

Tanglewood Tales (1997-2011)
For large orchestra
(mouvement I & II of Symphony No 1 "Tanglewood Tales")

Untangled Tales (2011)
For large orchestra
(mouvement I of Symphony No 1 “Tanglewood Tales")

Tête-à-tête (2007)
For ensemble

Entangled tales (2007)
For large orchestra
(mouvement II of Symphony No 1 “Tanglewood Tales”)

Musicians wrestle everywhere (E. Dickinson) (2006)
For orchestra and voice

Time after Time (2006)
For chamber orchestra

Unisono (2004)
For large orchestra

Orphic Descent (2003)
For chamber orchestra

Der Einsame im Herbst (1998)
For chamber orchestra

Vis-à-vis (1997)
For ensemble

In memoriam Dimitri Shostakovich (1994)
For 2 trumpets, 2 horns and orchestra