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Order information (below) and additional information for Melodies Unheard

Symphony No. 2 "Two worlds colliding"
[1] Movement I
[2] Movement II
[3] Transition-Movement III
Raschčr Saxophone Quartet & Radiokamer Filharmonie comnducted by Emilio Pomárico

Symphony No. 1 "Tanglewood Tales"
[4] Movement I (Untangled Tales)
[5] Movement II (Entangled Tales)
[6] Coda
Orchestre de Picardie & Doelen Ensemble conducted by Arie van Beek

Symphony No. 4 "Melodies unheard"
[7] I. How still the bells
[8] II. Orchestral Interlude
[9] III. Softened by Time’s consummate plush
[10] IV. The farthest thunder
[11] V. The nearest dream recedes, unrealized
[12] VI. The soul selects her own society
[13] VII. Musicians wrestle everywhere
Sophia Burgos & Het Gelders Orkest conducted by Antonello Manacorda

Available in April 2018


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